Business re-start to get going again with specialized consultants

Corporate Restart by Fare Impresa aims to create real development conditions, for businesses and professionals. We deal with the consolidation of established enterprises. Because markets, and generational changes undergo periodic crises and cyclical swings, to which it is important to respond in time with appropriate methodological tools and the necessary know-how, we identify measures to support businesses. If you too want to open your company to new markets or jumpstart it after a crisis, turn to our specialized consultants. Our professionals can ensure that you have the skills you need to create your business plan and get off on the right foot, avoiding any possible case risks.

Doing Business - Services Offered
Doing Business – Services Offered

Business re-start: the services of Fare Impresa

Here are the activities we offer that will help you set up your business idea:
– Industry study
SWOT analysis (includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the business idea)
– Support in choosing which market to target
Strategic consulting and identification of functional know-how for re-starting
Pitch development to present the company to investors and obtain the necessary funding.
– Creation of contingency plans, procurement, MKTG, commercial, etc.

Our professionals will help you in:
– Organization and reorganization of tangible assets
Training and consulting on foreign investment and business internationalization
– Support in business networking with legal, tax and administrative assistance.
– Strategic support for generational transition and Trust
– Implementation of a monitoring system to control performance

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